IMMERSIVE Chinese course

Learn the most authentic and practical Chinese expressions from our daily activities. We will show you what do we do from the morning to the evening, also take you to local restaurant, hairdresser, supermarket, and other places you can think about.You are not just learning the Chinese language, but also keeping up with China's growing in any aspect.

 Immersive Chinese course intermediate

TV program Chinese course

We have selected the below videos to add to our course as a supplement. Each video has text, vocabulary, grammar and exercises to help you practice mandarin. Enjoy the videos that most interest you!

structured Chinese course

We have selected the most common used Chinese sentence structures to make the basic sentences. Each one of the video will show you how you can use them as question and answer by seeing the 20 example sentences in the videos.

Hot topics Chinese course

You will see our opinions on interesting and important things are happening right now in those videos. The best material for self-studying for the upper intermediate level learners.