The First Date




A:  来 吃这块儿。

A:   Come and eat this.


A:  网上聊这么久,第一次见。其实我一直很好奇,你为什么叫"凤凰传奇"呢?

A: We’ve been chatting online for so long, but it’s the first time we have seen each other. Actually, I've always been curious, why are you called " Phoenix Legend" ?



B:   Then why are called " Gone with the wind " ?


A:  你不觉得这个名字很潇洒很飘逸吗?我跟你说啊,我是一个音乐人。同时呢,我也是一个舞蹈家,可以说,   音乐和舞蹈啊已经融入到我的灵魂了。

A:  Don't you think this name is very elegant and cool ? Let me tell you, I'm a musician. And I am also a dancer, that’s to say,  music and dance are my soul.


B:  喂, 没事儿没事儿。我知道,那我过一个小时我再打给你好不好?

B:  Hey, there there. I know, I will call you in an hour, ok?