the car shock




A: 不错!

A: Pretty good!


B: 先生。

B: Sir.


A: 啊?

A: what?


B: 你觉得这车还行吧?

B: Do you think this car is ok?


A: 还行,你看这漆又亮又滑的,包括内饰啊,我觉得也特别满意,就是不知道你这车啊.....

A: It’s alright. See the paint is bright and smooth, I feel particularly satisfied including the interior decorate,   just I’m not sure if this car……


B: 哎,先生,你干嘛啊,哎哎哎。干啥啊,你这是。

B:Excuse me, sir, what are you doing, hey, What are you doing?


A: 它扛不扛震?

A: Is it shock resistance?


B: 啊,那个,我觉得我们可以进去试一下。

B: Well,that, I think we can give it a try.


A: 进去,进去试试。

A: Get in, and try it.


B: 体验一下啊,

B: Experience it,


A: 来,请!

A: Come, please!


B: 先生,你觉得这车怎么样?

B: Sir. What do you think of the car?


A: 你别说,这车啊,挺扛震的。

A: Actually, this car is  quite shock resistance.


B: 要不你给我留个电话。别着急,哥,那还有辆新款。

B: How about giving me your phone number.  Take your time, Sir, there is a new car over there.