Sharing The Electricity And Water Bills





Aunt Zhang: Guo. Your sister now lives with you right?




Guo: yes.




Aunt Zhang: Can you live in such a small house?




Guo: Its ok, you see Xu’s house is very small, there are four people live there, three of us also are alright.




Aunt Zhang: Our water and electricity bills are public, we share it. Before we count two people of you, now there is one person more, cannot be considered as before.




Guo: Aunty Zhang, I remembered a while ago, your daughter and her husband had quarrel, she lived here more than two months, and we didn’t count that. Moreover, my sister had just arrived here for a few days, when she get a job, she will leave.




Aunt Zhang: My little daughter is one of my family members. When she got married, I had brought it up, and asked you to reduce the capitation fee, right? My daughter came back home; still want her to pay more utilities? There is no such a thing.




Guo: In your opinion my sister is not a member of my family? You can’t say things like that. First of all, utilities are just little money, you really want to count it, I count it to you, but we all have to be reasonable.




Aunt Zhangt: Well, we don’t want to take the advantage of you. Let me tell you, we will count the money for the days your sister lives there.




Guo: It’s ok to count it, no need to shout.