saving money to buy a house





A: As for renting a house, of course it is the cheaper the better. I’m not stupid. Isn't the remaining money ours ? The more we save, the bigger the house we can buy in the future.



B:   哼, 你怎么不傻啊。现在紫庄的联体别墅都49万了,你一个月工资才一千多,何年何月才买得起哦。

B: Hum, how are you not stupid?  Now the Purple Village Townhouse are 490,000 yuan now, your wage is just over a thousand a month. When will you save enough money to afford one?



A: 哎,你不要看扁我啊,我工资不会涨啊,将来我工资一定涨得比房价要厉害。放心吧,四十九万算什么呀,鸡毛菜。

A: Hey, don’t look down on me!  My salary will increasethen.  My salary will certainly be higher than house prices in the nearly future. Don’t worry about the 490,000, it’s a piece of cake.