relocation household





Son: Mom, Mom, I ran into A Sen just now when I went to to draw the minimum subsistence allowance in the neighborhood committee He took his newly married bride there to transfer her household registration. But Mrs. Wang said: There is no need to transfer it now, the registration system has beenfrozen; The houses will be pulled down next year. Ha ha ha. . .




Daughter in law: Really? Finally it’s our turn, it really is. Jiangzhou has been demolished into pieces. I’ve heard that a fifty square meters house exchanged for more than a million yuan last time. I calculated that will be 20.000 yuan per square meter, I think it’s worthwhile.




Son: Are you stupid? It’s worthwhile!




Daughter in law: What’s wrong?




Son: I think your brain is good to use to paste paper on a wall. Twenty thousand yuan per square meter, we have a room which is only ten square meters, it will be two hundred thousand yuan at most and that will be nothing in Jiangzhou now. How can you be happy about it?