pay the bill




A.  吃饱了吗, 开不开心?

      Are you full? Are you happy?


B.  很开心啊!

      Very happy!


A.  我也开心!哎,待会儿咱俩看电影去呗,行吗?

      Me too! Hey, let’s go to a movie later, okay? 


B.  好啊!



A.  这样啊,喝完这杯酒,买单,看电影。

     So, finish the beer, get the check and go to the movies.


A.  我请客。服务员,买单。

     My treat. Waiter, check, please.


C.  四百八。

     Four hundred and eighty.


B.  不用找了。

     Keep the change.


A.  哎呀,唉呀妈呀,不胜酒力,你看。

    Oh, oh my god , I got drunk too easily.


A.  走吧,看电影去,走!

    Come, let's go watch a movie, let’s go!