a: 哎,快点,你把那花儿放里面啊!

a:    Hey, come on, you put the flowers in it!



b: 都放库房去吧!货别往里面搬了,都没地儿了,放外头吧,谢谢啊!

b:  Put everything in the warehouse ! Don’t move the goods here anymore. It’s full here. Put them outside, thank you !



b: 悠悠你去把会议室给收拾了,一会客人就来了,快去吧啊!

b:  YoYo, go and tidy up the conference room please, hurry up, the guests will come soon!



a: 好嘞!

a:    okay!



b: 小刘,这可贵了3D打印机,慢点放啊!

b:  Liu, this is an expensive 3D printer, put it  down slowly!



a: 敬姐,设计部的张总问您,下午的设计会您还参加吗?

a:  Miss Jing, Manager Zhang from the Design Department is asking whether you will participate in the design meeting this afternoon or not?



b: 我参加啊,我准时参加。

b:Yes, I will. I’ll be on time.



a:    张总,这是梁河庄园的竞标方案,您看可以吗?

a: Manager Zhang, This is the bidding plan of the Lianghe Estate. What do you think of it?



b: 我看看,一会儿回复你。

b:  Let me have a look and I will reply to you later.



a: 好的。

a:    Okay.



b: 喂。

b:    Hey



a: 喂,对不起啊,我这边实在走不开,都没来得及参加你的剪彩仪式。

a:  Hey, I was really busy, I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to go to your ribbon-cutting ceremony.



b: 没事,我替你剪了一刀。

b:    It's ok, I cut it for you.



a: 晚上的聚会我让司机去接你, 你帮我一个忙吧,选一条你最喜欢的裙子,然后开开心心的出现。

a:   I will ask the driver to pick you up and bring you to the party tonight. Please do me a favor. Choose a dress you like and be there in a happy mood.



b: 我知道了,我忙完了就过去。

b: I see, I’ll be there as soon as I am finished here.



a: 生日快乐!

a:    Happy Birthday!