Why are you in first class? But my dad and I have to crowd in the economy class?



This is my bad, your dad has never taken the first class, I can’t let him sit there. Give it to me, and then you can go back.



I mean, how can you let me sit in the economy class? I don’t care, you upgrade my seat now.



I paid for my first class. Do you have money for the first class flight?



Nonsense, hasn’t my money been taken by you?



Peng Jiahe, let me tell you. First, your money is being temporarily kept by me, and I won’t take a penny in my own pocket; Second, the money is your dad traded with his life, I can only give it back to you when you are eighteen years old. Third, if you want to be in the first class, then go to work to make your own money, go back there!



Who do you think you are, if it were not for you.



If it weren’t for me, your dad wouldn’t have died, would he? I thought it the same way, I also wanted to replace him to die, but I survived. Now, I’m not only alive, also I become your guardian. And as your guardian, I have obligation to watch you and instruct you and teach you how to behave. I just told you, if you want to take the first class, it’s fine, pay for it with your own money. There won’t be anyone to stop you, even if you want to take a rocket to travel. But at this moment, you can only take a seat in the economy, go back now!



Are you qualified to teach me how to be an adult? Apart from my dad sees you as a friend, who else will take you as a human being? Do you consider yourself as a man?



Excuse me, our plane will take off soon; please go back to your seat!



You won’t upgrade for me, will you? I’m not going anymore. I’m getting off the plane now!



Madam, the door’s closed; please cooperate with us, okay?



I can’t cooperate.



Do you know what the consequences of making trouble on the plane? Go back to your seat right now!



I’m sorry, if you insist getting off the plane, then our flight would be delayed, and all passenger would be affected. Please cooperate with us.



I said I don’t want to cooperate.



Why are you shouting? Nobody can get sleep anymore. Is there a vacant seat over there? Upgrade her seat with my mileage.



You are showing off your money, aren’t you? I will not upgrade.



You have too much money to burn, don’t you? What is going to do with you when I educate my child?



She is your child?You idiot!