mother's worry





Mom: What do you think of it? Do you really want to let Hai zao leave?


爸爸: 那怎么办啊?

Dad: Then what am I supposed to do?



Mom: I’m worried about Hai zao more than Hai ping. Hai ping was never scared of anything since she was little, she dared to fight for herself, and she was as responsible as a boy. She knew to protect her family, to protect her sister. I feel more relieved about her working in another city.


Mom: But Hai zao is completely a shadow of Hai ping. She has no wisdom or her own idea. I want to keep her with us, just for a peaceful ordinary life with us. She doesn’t seem to have a big future.



Dad: A grown girl can’t be kept at home. If she really wants to go with Hai ping, we can’t stop her.