have meeting




B:  这一期的销售总额比上一期增长了6%, 这个6%啊,其实看着属于不少了。

The total sales in this period has increased by 6% comparing to the previous period. And this number, in fact, is not bad.



B:  但是,较上一期还是落后2%,上级领导这次对我们有了严格的要求,希望大家再接再厉,多多付出努力。在下一期要比这期增长12.8%。

However, it still falls behind 2% comparing to the last period.Our superior has set a higher requirement for us this time. Hope everyone will make more efforts and keep working to make the next period increased by 12.8%.



B:  我们这个月的销售业绩,要比上个月增长了5%,我觉得是一个非常不错的业绩。希望大家再接再厉。

The sales of this month has increased 5% comparing to last month; I think it was a very good result. I hope you can keep up the good work.


E: 不好意思啊,喂,我在开会呢。完事儿了。

Excuse me. Hello, I’m in a meeting. It’s over.



B: 调振动吧。希望大家再接再厉。下一期比这期......赶紧接吧接吧。

Turn your cell phone to vibrate mode, please. Hope everyone can keep up your good work. Next period will be…….. Just take your call.


E: 喂,我在开会呢。

Hello, I'm in a meeting.



B: 那个,散会吧。

Well, we can finish here today.