families with children 4




刘星:老妈,老爸,老弟,good morning(早上好)!

Liu Xing: Hey mother, father and my younger brother, good morning!


弟弟:good morning 刘星!

Younger Brother: Good morning Liu Xing!


妈妈:你以后少在这儿"good morning",记住了,以后当着弟弟不许老说英文,就得说纯正的中文,听见没有?

Mother:Don’t say good morning here. Remember, don’t say English anymore in front of your brother. You need to say pure Chinese, do you hear me?



Liu Xing: Copy that! But I want to tell you all something. I just found a guy with eight legs crawling under the couch.



Younger Brother: Mum, it’s the California Spider.



Mother:Oh my god! That’s not the California Spider, it’s the crab I bought this morning.