Daughter: Mom, I want to go to Jiangzhou, I want to go to my sister's college, I want to be with her.



妈妈: 你好好复习你的功课啊!想上哪去你说了不算,我说了不算,你姐姐说了也不算。得你的成绩说话。你考试成绩不达标还想到姐姐那儿去上大学呀?好好复习功课!

Mom: You should review your homework properly then! I can’t decide where you go, neither can your sister. Let your grades decide it. Do you think it’s possible that you could go to your sister’s university without reading the standard? Go and review your homework properly!




Daughter: You have to let me go, if I get in.



Dad:Alright, alright, as long as you can pass the exam. Which parents do not want their children to be good? Humph! Why don’t study in prestigious universities if you can? But I need to tell you, you have to study harder and cherish you every minute, there isn’t much time left.




Mom: Do make her nervous, well, you can stop here today.