chengdu culture





Chengdu has a civilization history of more than 4,500 years and this city was built over 2,600 years ago.Its rich history brings this city of abundant culture forms.



Not only can you enjoy the traditional Sichuan Opera, but also the folk art will make you feel refreshed.



With three pieces of bamboo and a few copper coins tapping in between each other, the skillful Chengdu people could perform a unique folk art – Jinqianban.



The Chengdu shadow puppetry is exquisite shaped. The performers are playing and singing at the same time and make the the performance delicate and lively. Meanwhile, Sichuan dulcimer, Sichuan Qingyin and dialect storytelling are also the symbols of Chengdu culture.



While our guest host Lin Jiang has special eyes for the Sichuang Qingyin among all these numerous art forms.