The first half of my life 6




Man: Are you sure Luo Zijun isn’t out of her mind? Who does she think she is? Is she the sun that everyone goes around her? Really! It is a miracle not to cheat if anyone marries to such a woman.




Woman: She is nice and simple and never hide anything. And if you can think about it from a different perspective that you will find you and her are too different, like the people coming from different planets, and you two will never have anything in common. But, please, don’t be like enemies every time you meet her. Just be polite and do me a favor, OK?




Woman: The sales of Liv’s Sodas has been declining for two years.




Man: There is no growth for two years in a row, and it starts to decline since this year. But the low-calorie and sugar-free are still stable. So, I think it’s time to launch a pouch pack. You don’t need to take it down, I have sent it to your email while you were talking to your boring bestie.




Woman: Were you eating sea urchins?




Man: I am not just eating the sea urchins or talking nonsense, so, you should believe in me, I am your mentor rather than that Luo Zijun.