The first half of my life 5




He Han: It’s sea urchin. We didn’t finish them. So we cooked and brought them for you.



Tang Jing: How come you didn’t finish the sea urchins? Do they give you a truck of them?



He Han: Mr. Zhuo cooked them himself. He asked me to send some to you. Hey, Mrs. Chen is here too. Didn’t Mr. Chen come?



Tang Jing: Perfect! Good food tastes better when sharing it. Come on, Zijun, delicious food solves everything.



He Han: I’m afraid that the food from my friend’s small restaurant can’t make Mrs. Chen satisfied.



Tang Jing: Hey, they were delivered from Hokkaido this afternoon. Come and have a taste of it. Come on!



He Han: How is it?



Tang Jing: Mr. Zhuo’s skill makes them taste even better. What do you think of it?


子君:我觉得也就还可以吧, 比起前几天我跟俊生去外滩六号吃的那家还是差点儿意思的。我跟你说啊,小店都说自己的东西是日本空运来的,其实呢,不知道冰箱里放了多久。所以一般情况下呢,我跟俊生是不会去那种地方吃饭的。

Zijun: It’s not bad. But it’s a little bit worse than the food we had few days ago in No. 6 Shanghai Bund. Let me tell you, the restaurant owner told you that they delivered the food from Japan directly, but the fact was that they had put them in the fridge for a long time. So, in this case, Chen Junsheng and I are not to going to eat at a place like that.



He Han: Hey Tang Jing, have more if you like. She doesn’t like it anyway. And I’m leaving, you and your bestie can continue to talk about your high-class cuisine from the Bund.