The first half of my life 4




Tang Jing: If, if Chen Junsheng had an affair, what would you do?



Zijun: I’ll die in front of him. He said he would never cheat on me, and if he did, he would be punished by God.



Tang Jing: Wake up! He would be happy if you died.You don’t even need to divorce. And you have Ping. Do you want him to call another woman mother?



Zijun: What you want me to do? If it happened.



Tang Jing: Have you ever calculated how much money you spend a year? At least, you need to make sure you can support Ping and yourself.



Zijun: I can’t support both of us. I’ve never calculatedand I can’t make sure I will do all those things. I’ll rely on Chen Junsheng all my life anyway. It was him to ask me not to work and he would provide for me all my life.



Tang Jing: It’s always to play safe.



Zijun: No, no, no. If, if… If you never married, you never received a diamond ring from the Peacock Man.



Tang Jing: Hey, you are such an attractive but lazy and incompetent woman.



Zijun: Hey, I’m lazy and incompetent, so? I have my husband to provide for me, to love me and give me money to spend. But what about you? You have time to earn your money but not to spend it. You are jealous of me, you envy me…



Tang Jing: You make me so mad…