The first half of my life 2




Tang Jing: From now on, find somebody else to work on the Liv Project with you. I quit!And I won’t participate in any project you take on in the future.



Tang Jing:I stayed up all night to come to the conclusion. But you changed it casually while I was out making a phone call. Seven percent? How dare to say that? How will they believe that we’ll reach such high growth?


贺函: 你怎么还是不明白呢?人家要我们来是干什么的?就是要得出一个高于百分之三的结论他们好去公司申请资源和费用投入。

He Han: Why don’t you understand? What do they want us for? They want a result which is higher than 3% so that they can request resources and investment budget from their company.



He Han:What do you expect them to do, If you give them a 2%? If their company can’t give them the budget they want, our upcoming work will not exist.



Tang Jing: I’m a consultant. All these years, I worked so hard to study and practice, because I hope to use many methods to calculate objective and fair numerical data conclusions.




He Han: Technically speaking, you should use your knowledge which you masteredto calculate a numerical conclusion that they want. Data are inflexible, but using data permutation to form a conclusion is flexible.




He Han: If you earn money from somebody, you must work for them. We needconstantly concern with our clients, experience both their happy and sad emotions, and we always stay with them in a same line.




Tang Jing: You can continue with your illogical and fallacious ideas, you can also continue taking these shortcuts. You are you; I am me. I don’t approve of your ways, and I will not follow you.



He Han: Tang Jing! No matter it’s Liv or any other company. We are not angels. We are not here to save all of humankind. Our only interest should be their wallets. Use the shortest time to earn the most money. That’s efficiency! As for the truth, it is the police’s job. Let’s go!