The first half of my life 1




子君:上一次来过我们家的那个Rick, 还记得吗?前几天啊,跟公司新来的女秘书私奔了。你说说看这要死不要死啊?

Zijun: Do you remember the Rick who came to our house last time? A few days ago, he eloped with a new secretary. Don’t you think that is stupid?


子君:还给他老婆留了个什么告知书说, 古今中外的很多名人都是私奔的。

Zijun: He even left his wife a notification, saying that many famous people, both ancient and modern, always eloped.



Zijun: It’s a little hurt, It’s too tight!



Sales: I’m so sorry!



Also young lady, you should keep your fingernails shorter. You will hurt the customers.



Sales: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I got it.



Zijun: Forget it! Junsheng is always around somebody like that. I’m so worried. If people like Rick was found put, they should execute both the male and the female! Then , they won’t dare to do it anymore.



Assistant: Zijun, he and Junsheng are different. Master is honest and cares about the family. He won’t do that.



Zijun: Nowadays, little girls don’t care if you’re honest. If you have money, they just leap into your arms,。Right?



Sales: That’s not it. Actually, most people are rather honest.



Zijun: What are you talking about? Don’t think I don’t know. Little girls nowadays don’t care about honesty.