zhenjiang bounced noodles 1




主持人A: 镇江人的早饭呀,既有北方的面条,又有南方的汤包,还要配上一碟猪肉,可谓混搭了南北饮食,自成一味。而且其中这面条的做法呢,非常奇怪,镇江面条的面皮不是擀出来的,而是跳出来的,被称为“跳面”,这到底是怎么回事儿呢?

Host A: When talking about the breakfast of Zhenjiang people, not only do they have the noodles from north, but also the soup buns from south.The mix and match of the food from both parts makes it a unique dish of its own.Meanwhile, the way of making noodles is very special, for it is not made by rolling out the dough but by bouncing. It is called “bounced noodles”. Let’s find it out.



主持人B: 现在在我身后啊,邵顺兴的尹师傅呢,正在进行跳面前的准备工作。你看啊,他把特别粗的一根竹竿套在那个铁链子上。这个竹竿我看特别粗,大概有八到十厘米。尹师傅这个竹竿有多长呢?

Host B: Now, the chef behind me is Mr. Yin from Shao Shunxing restaurant. He is preparing for making the noodles. Look! He uses a thick bamboo pole and chain on the set.The pole is particularly thick and it is about 8 to 10 centimeters.Mr. Yin, how long is this bamboo pole?




Mr. Yin: This bamboo pole is about two meters long.



主持人B: 你一会儿就是在这个竹竿上跳面是吗?

Host B: Are you going to bounce the dough with it?




Mr. Yin: Right.



主持人B: 跳这个面团,要跳多长时间呢?

Host B: How long does it take to make it ready to use?




Mr. Yin: About 15 minutes.



主持人B: 那要跳多少下呢?

Host B: How many times are you going to bounce it?




Mr. Yin: More than a thousand times.




Narrator: It sounds like hard work.Yin Yan is sitting on one side of the bamboo pole, pushing his body with a single leg, like bouncing on the seesaw.He needs to put all his weight on the pole every time he bounces.It requests extremely high technique to use average force pressure and even speed to ensure equal power on the dough.

That technique can’t be mastered overnight.It’s ben about nine years for Yan Yin to learn to make Zhenjiang noodles.And just this skill of “bouncing the dough” took him six years.With the bouncing of over and over again, the dough is stretching out inch by inch and unfolding all over the board.



主持人B: 这么大呀,都把这个案板铺满了,我看那边还有剩余的。

Host B: It is so big now! It’s all over the moulding board, and there is still some left over there.




Mr. Yin: Yes, it’s not done yet. We just finish the bouncing , still need to roll it out about 3 to 4 times.The finished piece will be twice bigger than current one.




Narrator: It turns out that bouncing is just the first step. YanYin needs to roll out the dough repeatedly in order to make authentic Zhenjiang noodles.To make the dough thin and chewy, it is very strict to bounce first then to roll.The piece will be chewy and pliable if the bouncing step is done well.Yan Yin has his own method to check the result of his work. He will examine if the piece of dough is thin enough and if the light can pass through it.




Mr. Yin: It is almost done.



主持人B: 这就可以了?

Host B: That’s it?




Mr. Yin: Right.



主持人B: 那这到底有多薄呢?

Host B: Exactly how thin is it going to be?




Mr. Yin: Let me show you.



主持人B: 哇!这能看到字,可以透亮!

Host B: Wow! The light can shine through the dough! We can see the shadow of the characters.