Friends Eating Dinner

Learn authentic Chinese expressions while eating with us at a local restaurant. Learn how to order food, interact with the server, as well as how Chinese people pay the bill.

Subway Station

Learn the expressions along with traveling by subway  with us.

Athletic Girl

Come with Wendy to her local gym and she will show you her workout routine while teaching you related expressions and vocabulary.


learn the correct way to address this medicine and the proper way to express symptoms you might have when you get a cold

Pool Table

Playing pool is a popular activity, because it's fun and also a good social way. If you are interested in  this topic, and want to learn expression related to it, check this one. 


This is the most common place that every adult will go to have fun.  Come to learn the vocabulary and expressions that you will need when you come to a bar. 

Hair Trimming

Want to get hair cut in China?  There are the expressions and vocabulary you will need!


In this video you will see what kind of dishes do we have for Chinese new year, and how did we prepare the food.

Refrigerated Goods

Shopping is one of the most important thing we do in our daily life. There are some difference you might need to know before you go shopping in a supermarket. Let's find out in this video.


Who doesn't like watching movies? To learn the vocabulary related to this topic you need to check this lesson out.