lesson 18
buying shoes


Express discount in Chinese.

打折 is a verb which means to give a discount, but the difference is that we use 10-point system in Chinese.

The smaller the number is, the bigger the discount will be. And the numbers should be used after the verb打。


Zhè jiàn wàitào dǎ jǐ zhé?

What’s the discount of this coat?



Zhè jiàn wàitào dǎ bā zhé

It’s 20 percent off.


Culture notes

不好意思is a common-used expression in Chinese. It is translate into “sorry” mostly. But it has more uses in Chinese. Because the Chinese believe in "the golden mean", modesty and prudence become a kind of politeness.

不好意思, 没有黑色的鞋子了。

Bù hǎoyìsi, méiyǒu hēisè de xiézile.

Sorry, there are no black shoes.


Bù hǎoyìsi, wǒ lái wǎnle.

Excuse me, I am late.