Master zongyue





When I was young,  because of poverty family and and bad health. I went to school until I was nigh.Because of poverty family and bad health, sometimes mother wanted ask me to go to school, but also afraid about I  will get bullied by others, more because she couldn't pay for the tuition, I didn't know a word until I was nigh.



Maybe I will never get a chance to study. Although mother knows how important studying is, but monthly three or four ropes of money tuition fee, really haunted her.




Mother loves me very much, but if I can be an apprentice, or make a few hundred every day from selling cherries with a basket along the street. She might won't be strongly opposed. Poverty is more powerful than love. One day uncle Liu showed randomly. I say "randomly" because he rarely came to see us.



他是个极富的人,尽管他心中并无贫富之别,可是他的财富使他终日不得闲,几乎没有工夫来看穷朋友。一进门,他看见了我。“孩子几岁了?上学没有?”他问我的母亲。 他的声音那么洪亮,他的衣服是那么华丽,他的眼是那么亮,他的脸和手是那么白嫩肥胖,使我感到我大概是犯了什么罪。

He is a man with a lot of money, even though he didn't see the difference between poverty and wealth in his heard, but his wealth makes him busy all the time, he almost has no time to see his poor friends. He saw me, after he enter the door. "How old is this kid? Has he started school?" He asked my mother. His voice is so deep and loud, his clothes are so fancy, his eyes are so bright, his face and hands are so soft white and fat, makes me feel I am probably committed a crime.




Our cabin, broken chairs, earth bed, could hardly resist the shake from his voice. after my mother answered, uncle Liu immediately decided: "Tomorrow morning I will come to bring him to the school. My old sister, you don't need to worry about the tuition and books!" My heart rate is so high, who knows what does to go to school mean.




The next day, I was decadent like a puppy, flowed the rich man to the school. The school is an improved private school, a soil temple where half a mile away from my house, the temple is not very big, and full of the smell, the students are sitting facing west, a total of thirty people. There is a blackboard on the west wall. This is a modified school.




The teacher's surname is Li, a very rigid and very loving middle-aged. Teacher Li and uncle Liu were "shouting", and then told me to worship saints and the teacher. The teacher gave me two books named  " The rhyme of world" and a "Three Character Classic.", and then I have became a student.