A Date with Luyu – Cui Yongyuan 1





I am now in my alma mater, Beijing Broadcasting Institute, of course, it was renamed Communication University of China several years ago. But I am still not accustomed to it. It’s been almost twenty years since I studies here. It’s quite a while ago, so I feel emotional today, and the feelings are unspeakable.



I’m here today to interview one of my peers and alumni –Cui Yongyuan. He is an early graduate before me. I didn’t start school when he graduated, so we didn’t meet during that time.



Many audiences know that he returned to the college to be a teacher. Honestly, I am a little envy of that. He says that he is going to show me around in the campus, and in particular, he will show me a gift that he gave to our school when I meet him later.



This four-storey building in CUC is the gift he gave to his alma mater, the Cui Yongyuan Center for Oral History. Walking into the simple low-key building, thousands of neatly arranged collections are revealed and delight you. There are seven museums here, including the braches of oral history, film, comic books, old artists, painting and calligraphy.



Not only the piano and books used centuries ago, but also comic manuscripts of the famous artists are collected in here. Not only the film posters and magazines from Republican period , but also it has the restored apartments of the old artists. And these collections are just the tip of the iceberg.



It is not just a museum, but a study room and classroom for students. Cui says that he wants them to touch and feel the history.