Boss Town-Mobike 4





Guest: Some founders from the media always talk about the things that have nothing to do with the money, they talk about their faith and feelings. But I believe there must be something driven by the interest.




Guest: He was just a City Manager at that moment. And he was a General City Manager of Uber China. And being a co-founder, you can be in control of your own fortune in the next twenty years, which is quite different from working for others.




Xiaofeng Wang: Mr. Wei is talking about dreams, faith, feelings, original intension and so on. We are quite serious about these words. I’m not afraid of offending others when I face the camera or you come over to me in person.




Xiaofeng Wang: Can I found a coffee delivery company? Of course I can. But I can help only two thousand office workers to have a good mood. But when we started Mobike, we hoped to make two million people in Shanghai along with us work together to reduce the traffic congestion.




Xiaofeng Wang: Of course I will choose to help two million people in Shanghai or Beijing to have an easy travel instead of helping two thousand office ladies to have an easy coffee. You may say that I have faith or perseverance, but I don’t care what you call it. I just want to do it.




Xiaofeng Wang: The logic is very simple. We will take Beijing as an example. When is the best traffic condition in Beijing? It is when restricting the use of private vehicles based on even and odd-numbered license plates. For example, the Chang'an Avenue is 5,000 meters long and 40 meters wide. A car takes up 10 square meters in such a big area, but if you put cars there, then put more cars, it will be stuck at last.




Xiaofeng Wang: We were wondering if our company could do something to let those people who drive four-wheel cars startriding this two-wheel bikes. There will be nine square meters saved by doing this.



Xiaofeng Wang: If you ask me whether I can make money from it, of course I can. But I hope that I will be comfortable when making the money.