Boss Town-Mobike 3





Host: So, what’s the original intension of you to join Mobike?



Xiaofeng Wang: I think that is the same as what you have said. I am not young any more, I’m old now.



Host: A middle-aged man.



Xiaofeng Wang: Then, we were considering whether we could leave those fashionable concepts or the forefronts behind us to do some real business to make some contribution to this city.



We thought about the dissatisfactions we had about it, which are the heavy traffic and air quality.



Also, we were thinking if we could do something to improve the current situation. Even a little bit improvement would mean our goal has been achieved, that’s where we started to make this happen.



Guest: As a middle-aged man, and a professional manager working in the champion enterprises for a long time, you are not a soft touch. But, what kind of blueprint they depicted for you to make you decide to join the team with excitement?



Host: Dashu, did you aim for the money?



Xiaofeng Wang: I get six thousand yuan after tax at the moment.



Guest: That makes us more curious because of the contrasts.



Host: You were the general manager of Uber Shanghai, and a professional manager in P&G before that. You were a successful, gold-collar manager.



Xiaofeng Wang: I’m flattered.



Host: But it's ok to not have much money,  you started a business with six thousand a month income.



Xiaofeng Wang: I don't mind too much if I don't have much money, but it needs to be enough to support myfamily. Just like a retired life. I still want to emphasize the point: What kind of city do you want to have for your next generation? How about the transportation and the air?