A Date with Luyu – Cui Yongyuan 5





lŭ yù : But you know, being a host still connects to the fame and wealth which is pretty attractive to everyone, although you believe that you like the TV industry and have the sense of mission for reporting the news. And it is also attractive to me to some extent. But you didn’t leave in 2002, so isn’t there any attraction to you at all?



cuī yŏng yuán :I don’t think so.



lŭ yù : Not at all?



cuī yŏng yuán :No. I believe not. I still followed the discipline strictly when I left the CCTV. That’s why I didn’t take any commercial advertisement or hardly took part in any commercial activities. Maybe one or two occasionally, but it was hard to distinguish whether it was a commercial activity or not. I always kept the rules.



lŭ yù : All depends on your salary?



cuī yŏng yuán :Not really, and I had a book published.



lŭ yù :You just had only one book.



cuī yŏng yuán :It sold millions of copies. I can also help to make strategic planning, do the behind-the-scenes work and so on. It is very decent for me to do all these and I am in a very satisfying condition considering not just depends on my salary. I am even better than my brother and sister. But if you compare me to some random host, maybe my life seems miserable. That’s it.



lŭ yù : So there is no room for your consideration of fame and wealth.



cuī yŏng yuán :Now I feel it easier to make money after I left the TV industry. But, if you ask me to reselect, I still choose not to do those thing before I go for sure.