A Date with Luyu – Cui Yongyuan 3





Starting from the first picture-story book at seven, to falling in love with movies and comic books, then to the Story of Moive made twenty years ago, history and collection are the two things which are Cui Yongyuan most entertained and fully devoted.



lŭ yù :I feel that you are full of energy right now, aren’t you?



cuī yŏng yuán :I’m particularly pleased by this new way of living. I especially like to do the things that I have never done before fifty. This is my idea to confirm if I can create a new teaching environment and come up with a new teaching method. And I worked it out gradually. That is having classes in the museum.



lŭ yù : Is this your happiest time during the decades? Because you know that I looked up your old information. I found an interview of you in 2005, and they asked whether you were happy or not. You denied and claimed that you couldn’t find the state of happiness.



cuī yŏng yuán :Right.



lŭ yù :Now, you are a completely different person!



cuī yŏng yuán :I am very happy now. I imagined what I would be like when I shifted from TV industry to teaching. All was imagination. But when it came to practice, I found it much more wonderful than I thought.



 cuī yŏng yuán :I remembered a student called me teacher when I was walking in the campus one day. I suddenly realized that was not a courtesy any more, since everyone was calling me teacher all the time. But I am a real teacher now, which makes me happy from the bottom of my heart.