5 minutes to undeRstand equity investment 2





Perhaps you might say that there is only one Alibaba and one Tencent in China after all. Are these cases have universality? The answer is certain.Baidu has created eight billionaires, 50 multimillionaires, and more than 200 millionaires in China today after the listing. And there are far more companies which created millionaires.



In 2011, Minxiang Wealth invested in Kunlun World Wide Web which successfully listed in January 2015.It received nearly 15 times earnings.



The founder, Zhou yahui, a Tsinghua University student. He decided to drop out of school to start a business in 2001. He went through several ups and downs after that. With the early ventureinvestment of Professor Luo Jianbei , his company has become the largest game development and operating platform in China.



In his speech in 2015, he thanked his teacher Luo Jianbei from his Alma mater who had supported his own new business with 50 million yuan, he also decided to give back a billion to his Almamater----Tsinghua University.



Such speech and donations have become a favorite tale among many people from the industry.



Mr. Chen Wei, the chairman of Oriental Fortune Capital, invested in Weichai Power and created a hundred times earning myth as early as the Shenzhen Innovation Investment.



Jiuxianwang, the future No. 1 liquor e-commerce share.In 2011 and for the people by the OFC wealth invested in Series B equity financing.



The valuation is only 3.8 million. It has risen bymore than 15 times.



It led G round of financing in May, 2015.  It will have a huge development after it is listed.



Sinovel, the leading company of wind power industry, Minxiang Wealth , participated in the private placement of equity in the early January, 2015. And the book value increased by 4 to 10 times only in 8 months.


听完这些,让我们不禁感叹,资本市场倍增的魅力 如此之巨大。在我们传统行业里需要几十年,甚至几代人创造的财富,在资本市场中经常上演一夜造富的传奇。

After hearing these, we have to say that the charms of capital markets is so great.It will take decades or even several generations to create such wealth in the traditional industry. But there are always legends of being rich overnight in the capital market.



This is the charms of the capital markets equity investment. As the saying goes, there will be heroes in every generation, we have to learn from the past then look forward to the future.



As you can see from the Forbes rich list, the times make heroes.In 2007, most of the top 11 richest people are from the real estate industry.However, the investment of real estate has been of little or no value. The future will be about the Internet and other emerging industries.The names on the rich list will be placed by high-tech leaders gradually, and a positive future isrushing towards them.



There is a large potential waiting for excavation from Internet, energy saving, film and television culture, new energy, new materials, aerospace military workers, artificial intelligence.



Equity investment will be followed by the national public entrepreneurship, which can help you in accomplishing the dream of wealth.If you missed the golden decade of real estate development, then do not miss this golden times of the equity investment in the next 10 years. A man without equity can’t be rich. What are you waiting for?