chengdu chisine - maocai




NARRATOR: Chengdu is home to numerous local snacks, including hot and sour rice noodle, sweet rice buns, and fermented glutinous rice. The food the locals have most frequently is “maocai (small-portion and light hotpot)”.



主持人:“帅哥,加不加海椒?” 您看我现在是在一家冒菜店里,看我这身装扮,我就是在体验制作冒菜。因为做冒菜其实并不难,就是把这些食材呢放在这个小筐里,然后用汤把它烫熟了就可以了。成都人把这个过程叫做“冒”,所以冒菜就这么来了。不过我看着大家吃得特别香,而且我在这儿闻着这个香香辣辣的味道,真的是受不了了,口水都快流出来了。不行,一会儿啊我要给我自己也来一份儿!

Reporter: Sir, would like like chill? As you see, I’m now in a maocai restaurant. Look at what I wear. I’m just experience making maocai. Making maocai is actually not difficult. We just need to put these foodstuffs in a small basket. Then boil them in the soup till they’re done. Chengdu locals refers to that process as “mao”. That’s how maocai is named. It seems people here really enjoyed their food. As the food smells savory and spicy, I really can’t help myself and I’m about to drool. I’ll order it myself as well later.




Reporter: After the busy work for so long, finally I get to have my maocai. Look at those office workers behind me. They also come here, ordering a bowl of maocai and a bowl of rice for a simple lunch. The point is it’s not expensive, costing an average of 10-odd yuan per person. Look, the maocai is abundant in various foodstuffs, including tripe, eggs, meat and vegetables, including fungus and others. Let me have taste of it right now.



主持人:夹这块儿,嗯! 不仅闻着香,吃着更香,您看它有这个川菜的麻辣在里边,但是又不像火锅那么的麻辣。您虽然看起来是油特别重,但吃起来并不觉得腻,重点是还觉得有些甜味在里面。哎呀不多说了,我要接着吃了。

Reporter: I'll pick this one! It not only smells good, but tastes even better.Let me tell you, it's spicy and numbing like Sichuan cuisine. But it's not so spicy and numbing like hotpot.Though it looks very greasy, it doesn't taste greasy at all.I can even taste the slight sweet in it.I'll stop talking and continue to have it.