chengdu, china



主持人:这里是四川省的省会成都。没来之前啊, 很多人都跟我说这里休闲安逸,一个让人来了就不想走的地方。到底是不是这样呢?今天我就带您一起感受成都。

Reporter: This is Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan. Before I came here, I was told by many that this is a city of leisure and ease, a city you don’t want to leave once you come here. Is that really true? Today I’ll take you to feel Chengdu.




NARRATOR: Chengdu sits in the middle of Sichuan Province and the center of the Chengdu Plain. Densely distributed with rivers and having fertile lands. It’s one of the most important major cities in the middle and western China. Strolling in Kuanzhai Lane, Jinli and Chunxi Road, you always feel the leisure enjoyed by Chengdu locals. Among the leisure activities, the most favorite of Chengdu locals is to spend time in teahouse. Chengdu has over 9,200 teahouses, which surpasses all other cities in China.




Reporter: Today, I take you to the favorite place of local residents of Chengdu, called Heming Teahouse. This teahouse was built in the early 1920s, which has a history of almost 100 years. It’s a nice day today. There are already many people in it. Come with me and take a look.




 NARRATOR: Heming Teahouse sits in People’s Park in Chengdu. Once you walk in here, and see the nearby customers sitting or half lying on the bamboo chairs while talking and having tea, you’ll feel the most typical leisure in “Chengdu style”.




NARRATOR:  In teahouses, we always see people carrying tool kit and hitting large tweezers in their hands. They walked in the crowd to drum up business. They are earwax cleaners only found in Chengdu.




Reporter:  This will be used later, I’m surprised that this is used. There are so many tools.




Reporter: In the very beginning, every time a cleaner grab my ear I would get nervous right away, I was pretty scared, but then they use… “Sir, what is this you are using?”




Ear Cleaner: A goose feather.



主持人:“鹅毛是吗?” 当这个鹅毛进去的时候,你就觉得毛茸茸的很可爱,然后再慢慢地共振,会由远及近,有一些声音在(耳朵)里面,虽然是在振动,但是你会觉得真的是像师傅说的叫“安逸”是吗?

 Reporter: It’s a goose feather? When this goose feather is in my ear, it feels furry and very cute. Then the slow reasonance will lead to some sounds getting closer and closer. Though the tweezers are vibrating, I feel really “anyi (easy and comfortable)” like the cleaner says. Do I pronounce it correctly?




Reporter: In such a sunny afternoon, you can come the Heming Teahouse, order a cup of tea, and ask a cleaner to remove your earwax. This gentleman just taught me a phrase in Chengdu dialect, “anyi de hen(feels very easy and comfortable)”. As you see, the life here is so comfortable. Do you want to come here and have a try?